User-Friendly Air Pillow System for Different Types of Film

Storopack’s new AIRplus® Mini Touch machine is suitable for different types of film and offers fast, intuitive operation thanks to its touch display, which can be positioned on the front or back

Metzingen, June 2024. Storopack’s AIRplus® Mini Touch is a true all-around system and can process different types of film up to 400 mm in width. The air pillow system comes with a touch display, which can be positioned on the front or back of the machine. Thanks to the display’s intuitive user interface, users can configure the machine with ease in no time. There are three modes to choose from: manual, length-dependent, and automatic. The machine also has a preinstalled library, allowing users to choose parameters for individual film types. AIRplus® Mini Touch is compatible with all COMFORT.PROTECT modules from Storopack.

Convenient and State-of-the-Art
AIRplus® Mini Touch is the only packaging machine in the market to offer a touch display with adjustable position, which is a huge benefit when it comes to machine configuration and servicing. Even if the machine is integrated and less accessible on all sides, the display can be positioned for easy access.

AIRplus® Mini Touch offers fast, intuitive operation and can process different types of film. Image: Storopack
AIRplus® Mini Touch is suitable for different applications. Image: Storopack
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