Shipping goods with reduced environmental impact

Industry innovation: Storopack’s new FOAMplus® 5504RC foam with renewable content

Metzingen, September 2020. The protective packaging specialist Storopack is introducing the new FOAMplus® 5504RC packaging foam to the market, the first polyurethane foam in the packaging industry with renewable content weighing just 0.30 pounds per cubic foot. The sustainable, environmentally responsible FOAMplus® 5504RC foam consists MEHR

Special shape for special product protection

Storopack presents plant-based Loose Fill in the shape of leaves

Metzingen, June 2020. Packaging specialist Storopack is expanding its Loose Fill portfolio in North America. As such, manufacturers and shippers of organic and plant-based products can now protect their goods with unique, eco-friendly, and leaf-shaped packaging peanuts during transit. The plant-based FunPak® packaging peanuts are MEHR