High-Volume Paper Void-Fill System for Large Parcels

The new PAPERplus® Dragonfly machine is designed to produce fluffy paper pads for fast and efficient void filling in large and medium-sized boxes.

Orchard Hills, May 2023. With PAPERplus® Dragonfly, Storopack is expanding its protective paper packaging portfolio. Based on the technology of the popular PAPERplus® Papillon machine, it is designed for fast and efficient void filling. Adjustable to three different speeds to suit the operators’ packing comfort, PAPERplus® Dragonfly produces between 160 and 200 feet of extra wide crimped paper pads per minute, rapidly filling the box to hold down and secure goods for shipment. It’s the only machine on the packaging market with a Variable Cushion Density Feature to create fluffy paper pads with adjustable volume as needed. This allows for optimal pack integrity in medium to large parcels weighing between approximately 11 and 22 pounds.

Extra wide, fluffy paper padding
“PAPERplus® Dragonfly is different, innovative and performs better than any other machine on the market,” says Paul Deis, PAPER Product Manager at Storopack. “There is no other system that can produce paper packaging with a comparable ‘fluffy’ volume. This reduces the amount of paper used in a box but still provides the best protection for the product.” Like PAPERplus® Papillon, Dragonfly is very safe to operate: with no cutting system, the machine’s sophisticated gears separate the paper. As with other PAPERplus® machines, it can easily be incorporated into existing packing processes. The consumable is a two-ply fan-folded paper available in two densities and two bundle lengths, including a continuous feed bulk pallet option for larger volumes.

PAPERplus® Dragonfly will be available in Asia-Pacific starting in April.

The PAPERplus® Dragonfly machine is designed to produce extra-wide and fluffy paper pads. Image: Storopack
PAPERplus® Dragonfly allows an optimal pack integrity in medium to large parcels. Image: Storopack
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