Communicate uniformly across Europe

How relevant content gets to where it’s needed.

Status quo & task

In the end, it’s always about content. So it was certainly a good idea for us to think from the end for our client Uponor – even though the task was clear from the start. What was needed was a holistic PR for the European PR network from Uponor. At the centre of this strategy is relevant content, which we now create for different channels and pass on to the PR managers in the countries. There, the content is distributed and adapted to the requirements of the local markets. For Uponor, we create reference and technical articles, press releases, newsletters, white papers and content for social media.

CC Client since 2020

Why it’s worth to look very carefully at the beginning.

Strategy & approach

Every piece of content must support the communication goals and thus the corporate goals of our client. The PR strategy that we developed together with Uponor at the beginning of the cooperation clearly focuses on the performance of the content and on a smooth European editorial process with clear responsibilities. The consistent use of the defined KPIs shows the radiance that relevant content can have. Would you like an example? Our reference example Greenspace from Spain. The centrally created content is now used in various forms throughout Europe.

How guardrails help to stay on track.


When different people from different countries with different wishes and requirements work together around PR, guardrails are needed. They keep Uponor’s European multi-channel PR on track. One example: the social media style guide. It supports the units in creating their own postings for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It includes design guidelines, but also advice on the right formats, the appropriate use of #hashtags and the use of emojis.

Andreas Dölker, Beratung

Andreas Dölker
Head of Crossmedia Content

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