Health? Is everything.

Health is: the most valuable thing in life


“Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.” Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer already knew that. But people often only think about their own health when they are not (or any longer) feeling well. Yet, there are numerous ways to improve your own health. The vivida bkk is one of the top 20 public health insurance companies in Germany. With around 850 health experts at 16 locations, the vivida bkk cares for the health of around 350,000 people. We support the vivida bkk in all areas of communication: as a sparring partner for the internal and external communication strategy, in the implementation of the customer magazine "vida" (print and digital), with recruiting and explanatory videos or on social media.

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Health is: something different for everyone


In your early 20s, you usually still feel "invulnerable", but when you get older, visits to the doctor's office become a part of everyday life. And when you start a family, completely different health issues arise. That is why vivida bkk takes a holistic view of health with its three main pillars: physical, mental and social health. Each pillar is given different weight depending on the stage of life. We also take a holistic view of communication for vivida bkk, keeping the respective target group in mind and creating synergies between online and offline communication channels wherever possible.

Health is: worth reading

Corporate Publishing

Empathic, unexpected and grounded: These words describe the vida, vivida bkk’s costumer magazine. The magazine's topics and design are grounded, but also sometimes unexpected. We approach topics empathetically, are conscious when dealing with sensitive issues, but also do not embellish anything. The magazine encourages its readers to engage with all facets of health. It surprises but is also grounding. This is achieved with a creative design and editorial mix of informative and entertaining topics from the everyday lives of our readers - even outside the mainstream. We tell authentic stories and explain relevant health topics with specially created infographics.

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