An international brand reinvents itself

About changing and staying the same: Hitachi becomes HiKOKI

Status quo & task

Not just since Facebook became Meta, one thing has been true: there is a lot at stake when it comes to rebranding. The well-established brand Hitachi Powertools has presented itself under the new name of HiKOKI since 2018. Following an acquisition, the power tool manufacturer had decided to reposition a well-known brand under a new name worldwide. Professional communication consulting is crucial for success. CC prepared and supported the brand launch with customized communications across Europe. The campaign included developing an international PR and social media strategy for HiKOKI’s European headquarters and national offices as well as coordinating all PR and social media measures.

A new name needs a new story that works across Europe.

Strategy & Approach

A comprehensive multi-channel content strategy with the goal of raising brand awareness in Europe was at the core of the rebranding campaign. The focus was on bringing the new brand name to life and creating a brand identity. Bringing the different national offices‘ communication interests together to turn them into a flexible strategy proved to be the main challenge.

Bringing content where it’s seen.


Social media platforms are the ideal tool to spread one’s message. CC created central content plans in order to restart activities on the various social media channels. Uniform standards and a optimal workflow now provide the national offices with content packages that enrich content on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook and tell the HiKOKI story. The digital content strategy is closely intertwined with continuos and classic press relations measures.

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