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The fact that you are currently reading this text on a laptop or smart­phone is probably partly due to ZEISS. The Semiconductor Manufacturing Technologies (SMT) division manufactures the world's most precise mirrors and other optics for semiconductor manufacturing. Together with its strategic partner ASML and TRUMPF, as well as around 1,200 other partners, ZEISS has developed the world's only EUV lithography for manufacturing the smallest, most energy-efficient and most powerful microchips. Quite a few superlatives for a technology that enables structures of 13.5 nanometers – that's up to 5,000 times finer than a human hair. This is possible thanks to precision, attention to and appreciation of detail. This also applies to the content on the new SMT website, for the online magazine, for applicants and journalists.

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Numerical aperture, immersion or Moore's law: the topics and products from ZEISS are as fascinating as they are complex. ZEISS optics ensure that the light falls on the right spot with nanometer precision in microchip manufacturing or process control. The optical system for EUV lithography consists of more than 35,000 individual parts and weighs around 3.5 tons. We dig deep into ZEISS’ topics and prepare them so precisely that they reach the intended target group – thanks to search engine optimization (SEO). In this way, we strengthen the employer brand of ZEISS SMT and help to find additional professionals for the next technological leap in the semiconductor industry.

Zeiss SMT fertigt die präzisesten Spiegel der Welt und andere Optiken für die Halb­leiter­fertigung und Communication Consultants unterstützt bei der Unternehmenskommunikation.
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