PRtransfer – research for the real world

It’s hard to keep up with the relentless flow of reports. Communications science, media und market research are incredibly prolific disciplines that produce an impressive volume of academic publications. The results are important for practitioners in the field. But not many are keen to plow their way through academic tomes. They’re too complex, seem to have little relevance for practice and offer little in terms of concrete advice. The seminar on “Research for the real world – transferring communications science expertise” provides an interface and practical inroad into scientific research.

Alexander Praun, Deputy Manager of Communication Consultants, and Prof. Wolfgang Schweiger, Head of the Institute of Communication Science at the University of Hohenheim, are the co-conveners of this master’s degree seminar. The students evaluate the latest reports and summarize the findings in short, incisive, digestible papers. They then publish their work on the PRtransfer blog and other online channels.