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Making visible what is hidden

Making visible what is hidden

  • Corporate communications
  • Social Media
  • Corporate publishing
  • Employer branding
  • Film and video
  • Editorial design and infographic

CC-Client since 2013

BITZER is the global player and innovation driver of refrigeration and air conditioning technologies. Compressor technology made by BITZER is a central component of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and cools temperature-sensitive goods. Their products maintain optimum temperatures on buses, trains and in buildings and are part of modern cooling systems. As the only company worldwide, the traditional enterprise based in Sindelfingen, Germany, develops and manufactures all three compressor technologies: reciprocating, screw and scroll compressors.

The heart of refrigeration and cooling equipment is often hidden. A good reason for Communication Consultants (CC) to support BITZER by making visible what is usually concealed from the outside. Since 2013, CC has been doing classic PR work, corporate publishing, social media as well as film and individual projects on a broad scale for BITZER. A current highlight project for the company is the new and 70 meter high corporate headquarters in Sindelfingen, the construction for which is planned to be finished in late 2018. CC accompanies the building phase with a suitable communication concept. „BITZER’s transparency in regards to the new building and its integration into the neighborhood sheds a good light on the company“, judged the local newspaper in Sindelfingen on August 5, 2017.

For BITZER’s social media channels, namely Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Xing, CC has developed shareables, headers, videos and a lot more, and oversees and edits the modern online customer magazine COMPACT with interesting news, user stories and trade fair videos in German and English for readers worldwide. The printed staff magazine COMPRESSED comes in three languages and provides all BITZER employees around the world with corporate news. A definite highlight in 2017 were two image films that introduced the ECOSTAR and ECOLITE condensing units as well as a video about the IQ-module that is used for reciprocating compressors.

“Communication is the best tool to make people, companies, products and services known. Thereby the digital transformation is a huge challenge. Great chances and potentials open up with the right approach. I am happy that we found a reliable partner to support us by reaching our corporate goals. The team at Communcation Consultants always keeps their promises.”
Patrick Koops, Head of Public Relations und Pressesprecher BITZER


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