And action! Icelandic support for the Film Unit

And action!  Icelandic support for the Film Unit

Somehow, he’s not quite as we had imagined him, our Icelandic newcomer, Thor Thorsteinsson. He’s neither blond, gigantic, nor hammer-wielding. The camera we pressed into his hands on his first day at Communication Consultants suits him far better, in any case.

Thor Thorsteinsson Schneider (29), to give him his full name, will be assisting with directing, production and editing in the CC Film Unit. For sure, he is far more of an expert in this field than in Nordic gods. He shot his first short films and music videos at the age of 13, and in 2005 he became the youngest ever student to enroll at the Icelandic Film School. After graduating in film direction and production, he gathered further experience as a production assistant, editor and creative producer in a number of agencies and formed his own film production company. When it comes to feature, product or image films, Thor is an expert in creating moving images and conveying a message – and that makes him the perfect addition to our team.