Looks kind of different?

If you’ve scrolled or clicked your way this far, then you´ve probably already noticed that things look a bit different, don’t they? You´re spot on. The new Communication Consultants website went live in July 2016. And our CC logo has changed too… and the shade of blue, just a touch, it’s true. In fact, we´ve tweaked just about every aspect of our corporate design.

But it’s not dramatically different, is it? We haven´t added radical zig-zags to our CC logo or colored it neon pink. In fact, that´s precisely what we wanted to avoid. CC hasn’t turned ultra-hip overnight. We remain true to our character – and our clients. We´ve been providing our clients from industry and SMEs with clever PR and effective communications across all channels for 20 years now. We simply want to convey this message more effectively with our new look. So we kept what was great and trimmed all the baggage we’d accumulated over the years. With less this and that, a sleeker design and more ´magnetism´, the new CC website and our new corporate design perfectly reflect our essence as the Stuttgart content factory.

You can find our related press releases and print images on the CC press portal – but please note that this is only available in German.

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