Hot favorite

No sooner has the latest project from Communication Consultants – the Bosch Connect Cube – been launched than the first award is already in sight. Robert Bosch Automotive Steering and CC are on the shortlist for the Digital Communication Awards 2016 in not just one but two categories. They’ll be joining four other nominees in each of the categories “Internal communication” and “Data visualization and information design” for the showdown in Berlin on September 29. This is when the CC project team, along with VR agency SHAP3D and the customer Robert Bosch Automotive Steering, will be presenting the project to the panel of judges.

The Bosch Connect Cube is a virtual 3D topic die that can be explored using VR goggles. It is an inspirational example of communicating complex subject matter using state-of-the-art VR technology. It was commissioned by the Bosch Automotive Steering division. The question was how to bring associates from the division into contact with Bosch Connect. The task was to communicate knowledge about the functions of the Bosch internal social enterprise platform while also inspiring associates about this new method of collaborating. The campaign centers on the Bosch Connect Cube.