DIN we do well?

So many puns could be penned around DIN and standardizations. But we are going to resist the temptation – apart from the headline, that is. After all, there’s no better way to announce our good news that CC has landed DIN (the German Institute for Standardization) as a new customer. Our pitch beat three prestigious agencies – and we’re rather proud of ourselves.

We have already completed the conceptual phase involving the corporate communications check, developing a content map and setting up reputation management. Now we are focusing on crafting a fresh, positive campaign for DIN during its centenary year – yes, it really is 100 years old! So we’re dusting off DIN’s image and revamping its communications. And deservedly so! The Berlin-based team isn’t the least bit “last century”, but extremely on-the-ball, creative and innovative. After all, standards form the basis for the convergent technologies that drive smart cities and Industry 4.0 forward, and DIN helps secure the future of these fields. When it comes to PR, DIN can bank on CC for gold-standard service.